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February 6, 2012

laziest dog in the world


In the mood for mood boards

August 19, 2011

I got married three times to the same man, and obsessed over the mood and theme each time, so obviously I’m a little nuts. Which is why I’ve taken the liberty of making mood boards for two of my dearest friends, who are both getting married (yay!) next year.

I love mood boards. They a) sum up what you want in an event, b) explain to your vendors what you’re going for (and what they should be going for too), and c) eliminate unwanted advice or suggestions (ex. Well-meaning relative/friend: “You should have a butterfly release!” You: “Nope, see rice toss on my mood board.”)

My first friend, Mel, is a lawyer and is always on her Blackberry. All she wants to do is plan her wedding and talk about blue mason jars but she answers work emails instead. All the time. Despite the serious job, she is one of the silliest and most easygoing people I know. Even when she’s stressed, she’s cool. Her and her  lawyer-fiance want a fun, rustic wedding, with a periwinkle and aqua palette. They’re having their wedding reception in a tent by the bay, which really works for the vibe they want.

Mel’s Board

The second bride, Arunee, is a doctor (I know, I’m set with my doctor and lawyer friends) and a reluctant romantic. That means she hates the mush but loves the frills. She says she’s set on a classic, sophisticated, and muted wedding, but I think I know her well enough to know that she wants the feathers, the ruffles, and all that pink. But seeing that pink is a little overused these days, we’re going with mauve (a pinkish lilac) instead. I love this board – I think it’s romantic without being too whimsical, modern while not being too trendy. Just like Arunee.

A third friend, Gene, is also getting married next year and has made her own board with a blueberry palette. I may just make another one for her to look at; you can never have too many boards.

Sweet treats

July 28, 2011
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I don’t typically make desserts or bake because a) I’m not a dessert person (except for cookies, which I consider an in-between-meals snack rather than a dessert), and b) my success rate in the kitchen takes a sharp dive when my dish’s ingredients need to be “exact.”

But, other half has vowed to make one or all of the following if it continues to rain throughout the weekend. I will not argue and may even expect it, rain or shine.


Frozen chocolate bananas of my youth, via Happy Healthy Slim


Peanut butter pretzel bites dipped in chocolate, via 17 and Baking


Classic chocolate chip (a personal vice), via I Am Baker


Salted butter caramel via Hungry Girl Por Vida

The best chocolate mousse of your life under 5 minutes with only 2 ingredients, via Cafe Fernando

Brown butter, bacon, & chocolate chip cookies *gasp!*, via Mouth from the South

And if it does end up becoming a hot weekend,

DIY Magic Shell ice cream topping, via Alphamom


July 14, 2011

Forest fort via Pinterest

Hourglasses via Home Remedy NYCType whimsy via IMG SparkJoy c/o random bench whimsy via Christina Diaz

Bugger whimsy via Design MomMen can be whimsical too via AnthropologieColor and swirls via Anthropologie

The ultimate in whimsical. Unicorn photo via Tumblr

Clutch time

July 5, 2011

Via weheartit

Via Pinterest

Via Moves FashionVia Peach Tree MagVia All Things StylishVia Brown Dress With White DotsVia My Style PillVia Inspired by this FeelingVia Sweetie Pie Style

Three times round the sun

June 21, 2011

Three years since we crossed Brooklyn Bridge on our bikes to get married. Happy anniversary to us.

For the impatient

June 17, 2011

Via Tom, The Piper’s Son